Impactful Pitch Deck for Investors to Raise Capital

Persuasive Narrative

Unfold your ideas in a way to instantly grab investors' attention.

Extensive Market Research

Show the potential of your business over an 18-36 month period.

Custom Design

Custom design elements to perfectly showcase your business.

Detailed Financial Model

A comprehensive business model for faster decision-making of investors.

Why Do You Need Pitch Deck for Startups

Entrepreneurs often put a ton of their blood, sweat, and tears into building a successful company. They take a lot of risks and put themselves out there to get it done. But, if they don’t have the right financial support to take the company to the next level, they may not see the financial rewards they deserve. And that’s where an investor pitch deck comes in. Pitch deck – a set of slides that outline a company’s innovative business plan and growth potential – has become a common tool for startup founders and business leaders.

A startup pitch deck consists of:

What Makes A Startup Pitch Deck Investment Worthy?

Gripping Story

A persuasive pitch deck is a great way to inject your idea into the minds of potential backers. A bad pitch deck can kill investor excitement, irrespective of the product potential.

Accuracy of Information

A pitch deck has a lot of market information which investors have to be able to trust. The information has to be completely accurate and has to come from reliable and industry standard sources, so that if investors question the data, it can be immediately justified.

Business Case

Business proposals are, by nature, highly technical. They involve lots of tables and statistics, so it is important to keep them brief, to the point, and lucid. The economic probability of a proposed plan is usually non-negotiable for experienced investors.

Financial Plan

Project a financial model in front of the investors that proposes your revenues, profits, and cash flow over an 18-36 month period. Also, outline the basis of your projections so that investors don’t think you are pulling numbers out of thin air.

Startup/Founder Background

Investors invest as much in companies, as in teams. Show that the best team is behind the startup. Illustrate a good mix of expertise and founder roles.


Design is a powerful tool that helps you stand out from the crowd. With a strong design, you can create a rich experience that differentiates your company from others and makes staying ahead of the curve as easy as possible.

Meet our Experts

These are the experts that make your pitch deck investment worthy.


Rajesh Sureka

Co-founder & CEO
Ex-President- Yes Bank

Mandip Sharma

Co-founder &
Business Strategy

Archit Kumar

Co-founder & Investment Strategy
Ex- Vice President – HSBC

Why Global Investors Trust Startups Using our Pitch Decks

Investors get tons of pitch decks. Before they even start looking at the products, they look at the pitch decks and see if it looks interesting. Our pitch decks are created with investor perspective in mind and are immediately able to grab the attention of global investors.

Narrative Development

The idea is to have a good story in your seed funding pitch deck that will wow the investors. At Proven Pitch, we have a team of writers who are not only capable of producing top-notch content but are also adept at identifying the storylines of startups. We make sure that the startup founders’ vision and customer issues are narrated persuasively.

Financial/Business Plan

A pitch deck is as much about product information, as it is about financials. A comprehensive financial model outlines the current financial situation of startup, projected growth over an 18-36 month period, company’s valuation, as well as financial opportunity for investors. Backed by decades of financial experience of our team, we create a comprehensive financial model which has everything that investors want to see.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is an indispensable part of a startup’s growth and evolution. Without proper analysis, a decision is not just a hasty decision but can lead to failure. Venture capitalists need to have a firm understanding of the behaviour of the market, business model, and the inputs and outputs. We probe deeper to uncover analytical insights regarding the business and environment.

Market Research

A successful pitch deck should include market potential, competition, as well as upside potential. Our team has access to industry wide data sources, which let them conduct a thorough market research and include that information in the pitch deck so that investors have more confidence to reach a favourable decision.

Our Process


Introductory form to understand the basics of your startup before the strategy call.

Content Strategy

Understanding the business in further detail and gauging the requirements for your investor pitch deck.

Changes and Approval

Changes, if any, are incorporated, and upon approval, the design process is initiated. (Multiple drafts if needed)

Design Brief

To understand the design sense, branding, and the overall personality of the business.

Design Draft

Being mindful of the industry and also keeping the perspective of the client in mind, a first draft of the design is presented.

Final Delivery

Upon confirmation of the content and the design, an editable file is shared.

Our Clients

We have diverse experience working with various industries. Once associated, we ensure that your company becomes pitch perfect.



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