Financial Models For Fundraising Collaterals

Top-down forecasting

Macro to micro view approach for projecting the startup's potential.

Bottom-up forecasting

An inside-out view for extrapolating internal assumptions.

Operational cash flow

Unearths the monthly capital inflows and outflows.

Key metrics

Revenue growth, EBITDA, and LTV/CAC, and other relevant metrics to boost investors’ confidence.

What is Included in Financial Model

DCF valuation

Proper valuation to estimate how much is the startup worth.

Components of financials

Detailed financial data to give complete transparency as well as confidence to investors.

CAP table

Complete equity capitalization of your company. Intricate details of complete shareholding status of your company.

Cash flow statement

Provides a proper financial statement that summarizes the cash inflows and outflows over a given time period.

Business ratio and break-even analysis

Projects when the business will become profitable.

Balance sheet

Summarizes the financial position of your startup at a point in time.

P&L statement

Provides detailed statements to show what your startup has earned and lost in a given time period.

Revenue forecast

Projects revenue growth of your startup over a period of time.

Why are our Financial Models Preferred By Invetors

Our experienced financial team’s credible approach and investment ready documents are trusted by Investors globally.

Database Access

We collect and use data from a range of reliable and industry-specific data sources to assure an analysis that is rooted in credible and up-to-date data.

Investor-like Approach

Our financial team has helped both startups as well as investors and understands what information investors need to make a suitable decision. Keeping that in mind, your financial models are prepared.

Financial Knowledge

Our financial team has decades of experience in working with organizations of all sizes and uses that financial knowledge to create accurate financial models.

Research Pedigree

Our team of financial experts has advised large enterprises across verticals and geographies. Additionally, we collaborate with domain specialists to leverage their sector knowledge.

Our Process

Leveraging decades of financial experience of our team, we have crafted a process that churns out financial models that investors love.


Introductory form to understand the basics of your company before the strategy call.

Financial Strategy Call

The finance team meticulously understands the business regarding its financial trajectory so far & future plans.

Financial Draft

Incorporating all the resources and information collated till this stage, a first draft of the Financial model is created.

Changes and Approval

Changes, if any, are incorporated.

Final Delivery

Upon finalization, the complete financial model alongwith supporting artifacts are handed over.

Our Clients

We have diverse experience working with various industries. Once associated, we ensure that your company becomes pitch perfect.



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